Jul 27

Visitor, tourist, neighbor / a Cuenca you’re interested you by exposure of the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei “The Poetics of Freedom”.

We just want to make a recommendation: once you finalize your visit to the three exhibitions that constitute “The Poetics of Freedom” and before still enjoy the rest of monuments and charming places of the city and its surroundings or the typical food conquense ; you can go to visit the outer side facade of the cathedral (in the square Bishopric) hosting this great international artistic bet.

You’ll find one of the many, but perhaps the most emblematic of the province of Cuenca, which still represent symbols and reminding the winners of a civil war (1936-1939) caused by military coup supported by political parties as Spanish Falange, chaired by who referred to the “monument” of the cathedral of Cuenca: Jose Antonio (Primo de Rivera).

Monuments were erected by order of the civil and military authorities who overthrew the legal and legitimate government of the Second Republic (1931-1939). A fascist regime which also had the support and inspiration of the Catholic Church, that now boasts of receiving thousands and thousands of tourists, visitors and residents of Cuenca, an exhibition that “aim to reveal and disseminate capacity art to become vehicle of the struggle for freedom of expression and the defense of human rights “.

Freedoms and Human Rights, together with advances in education, arts, science, etc. and structural reforms to overcome centuries of economic backwardness, labor exploitation, etc. They were annihilated root with repression and death that Franco’s regime, and his intellectual and religious allies, applied on thousands of Spaniards who still today (80 years after the coup) are sullied and insulted by the presence of symbols as those who can see and photograph in the exterior facade of the cathedral, then spread it among their friends, family and colleagues.

That is why, from the Association “Citizens for the Republic” of Cuenca, along with other organizations and groups in the province, and relatives of the victims of Francoism, still insist on truth, justice and reparation.


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